Participating Distilleries, and growing!

Kentucky, the state that started it all!

Kentucky produces about 95% of the world’s bourbon and tourism targeting the spirit has become big business. Until recently, distillery tourists in Kentucky had been allowed to sniff the aromas of bourbon-making and to sip the finished product only during distillery tours, but they couldn’t legally ship bottles home.

This modern-day prohibition came to an end early last year when Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and other state officials presided over the ceremonial first shipments signaling the beginning of a new era providing additional opportunities to boost sales at all distilleries, both large and small.

A – M

  • AMBRAbev, Danville – COMING SOON!
  • Angel’s Envy Distillery, Louisville – Currently Open for Merch!
  • Bard Distillery, Graham – Currently Open for Merch and Hand Sanitizer sales for shipping, and Alcohol sales for pickup Only!
  • Bluegrass Distillers, Lexington – COMING SOON!
  • Boundary Oak Distillery, Radcliff – Alcohol Sales to Limited Military Bases Only!
  • Casey Jones, Hopkinsville – Currently Open for Hand Sanitizer Only!
  • Dueling Grounds, Franklin – COMING SOON!
  • James E. Pepper, Lexington – COMING SOON!
  • Jeptha Creed Distillery, Shelbyville – COMING SOON!
  • MB Roland, Pembroke – Currently Open for Hand Sanitizer Only!

N – Z

  • Neely Family Distillery, Sparta – COMING SOON!
  • O.Z. Tyler Distillery, Owensboro – COMING SOON!
  • Town Branch Distillery, Lexington – COMING SOON!
  • Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, Winchester – COMING SOON!
  • Willliam Tarr Distillery, Lexington – COMING SOON!

Not on the list, contact us!