Adding/Updating Products to Warehouse Inventory

Adding a New Product to Warehouse Inventory

  • Go to Products/Warehouses
  • Click the ‘new product’ link between the Warehouses and Product sections
  • Add the SKU and the number On-Hand
    • The other fields are not required and are there if you keep track of product location in your warehouse.

OPTION: When adding a new product under the products menu, the warehouse and on-hand is an option that can be filled in when creating the new product from scratch, but not when creating a new product by copying another one as a base. Products created by copying other products need to use the steps above before the product can be available for purchase on the website.

NOTE: A product must be added to the system before it can be added to the warehouse

Updating Current Inventory

  • Go to Products/Warehouses
  • In the Products table at the bottom click Edit on the right for the product you want to update.
    • IF YOU HAVE NO OPEN ORDERS – you can set the onhand to the desired current level.
    • IF YOU HAVE OPEN ORDERS – we advise that you use the Lost/Gain box to adjust the inventory by entering a negative or positive number. It will update the on-hand accordingly when the auto process runs.
      • Lost/Gain takes into account all orders and does the math for you if any open order would affect the on-hand total
      • Lost Gain updates inventory during one of the daily processes, typically start of day, but can be forced to process sooner by going to Admin/Command Processor and then clicking Process Backorders. On-hand will update within 15 minutes.
    • NOTE: When the OnHand is zero and Ltd Qty is checked, the product will automatically display as Sold Out
    • NOTE: If Ltd Qty is not checked on the product, on-hand can be a negative number, indicating a backorder situation
      • Orders with backordered items will not appear in the Picking Ticket queue until the backorder is cleared
      • Adding inventory will automatically clear backorders when the End of Day process runs each evening
      • You can manually Process Backorders after adding inventory by:
        • Go to Admin/Command Processor
        • Click Process Backorders