Making a Product Unavailable

Making a product unavailable can be handled in a few ways. Make it unavailable for purchase – keeps the product on the site, but removes the quantity dropdown and the Add To Cart button. Displays a Sold Out notice on the product – Zeroing the website inventory will display a Sold Out on the site […]

Adding/Updating Products in the Warehouse

Adding a New Product to the Warehouse Go to Products/Warehouses Click the ‘new product’ link between the Warehouses and Product sections Add the SKU and the number On-Hand The other fields are not required and are there if you keep track of product location in your warehouse. OPTION: When adding a new product under the […]

Editing a Product

A basic overview of the options available on the Product Update page. Please contact us for more detailed information if you cannot find your answer below. Log into your admin section Go to Products/Search in the top nav Find the product you want to update and click the SKU in the first column to go […]