Settling A House Account Order

If you have customers using House Accounts to pay for their orders, you can use the following steps to settle a House Account at payment time.

To apply payment/settle a house account order, do the following:

  • Log in
  • Go to Customer and then Search
  • Search for the customer and when the results come back, click the customer ID in the first column to go to the Customer Summary screen
  • Click the House Account tab at the top of the summary section
  • Click ‘new transaction’ located just above the Transactions section at the bottom
  • Select Credit Card, add in the amount to settle, and the order number.
    •     That info should be listed in the transactions section just below where you are adding a payment.
  • Add in the Credit Card info
  • Click the Add button

Alternately, for Step 2 above, you can search by order number, then click the Customer ID in the customer column when the results appear.