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Creating An Admin/Back-End Order

There may be times when you need to redo an order for whatever reason, typically to replace a damaged bottle, or if something was missed shipping out an order. To place an order in the back end do the following: Log in to the back end like you normally would Go to the customer record […]

Completing Non-UPS Orders

If your site has non-UPS orders: Distillery or curbside pickup options USPS shipping for merch ABC store shipping (VA Distilleries) There is an additional step needed to complete your orders. UPS shipped orders have UPS info assigned to them, so the system knows to auto-complete when the end-of-day process is run. This is not the […]

Clubs End-User Interface

Sign Up Users will go to the ‘Join The Club’ link on your Spirits360 Shop to sign up. The signup page includes: Club Selector if more than one is available on your site Shipping address input section Billing address input section if it differs from the shipping address Credit Card information input to enable recurring […]

Creating A Club

Please note – the club function must be enabled on your site. Not enabled, contact us to get started. You will also need to add a ‘Join The Club’ link to your Spirits360 Shop navigation to enable your customers to sign up. If you need help with this step contact us for help. The link […]

Creating A Catalog

To create a catalog, whether for use in a promotion, or for a club, etc…, do the following: Create the Catalog Log in and go to Product/Catalogs Click the ‘new catalog’ link just above the Catalogs box In the New Catalog box, Name your new catalog. Name is the only box required Create a name […]

Making a Product Unavailable

Making a product unavailable can be handled in a few ways. Make it unavailable for purchase – keeps the product on the site, but removes the quantity dropdown and the Add To Cart button. Displays a Sold Out notice on the product – Zeroing the website inventory will display a Sold Out on the site […]

Settling A House Account Order

If you have customers using House Accounts to pay for their orders, you can use the following steps to settle a House Account at payment time. To apply payment/settle a house account order, do the following: Log in Go to Customer and then Search Search for the customer and when the results come back, click […]

Adding/Updating Products in the Warehouse

Adding a New Product to the Warehouse Go to Products/Warehouses Click the ‘new product’ link between the Warehouses and Product sections Add the SKU and the number On-Hand The other fields are not required and are there if you keep track of product location in your warehouse. OPTION: When adding a new product under the […]

Placing a B2B Order

NOTE: Because B2B rules vary state-to-state, B2B is not set up by default on Spirits360 websites. Please contact customercare@spirits360sales.com to make sure your site is set up correctly before completing the steps below. To place an order for a B2B store, use the steps below: Getting Started – PreOrder Todos Log in to EOS Find […]