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The Ultimate Guide For Managing Your Spirits360 Store

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Adding/Updating Products in the Warehouse

Adding a New Product to the Warehouse Go to Products/Warehouses Click the ‘new product’ link between the Warehouses and Product sections Add the SKU and the number On-Hand The other fields are not required and are there if you keep track of product location in your warehouse. OPTION: When adding a new product under the […]

Canceling An Order

It is best if you do this BEFORE you print a picking ticket. Log into your admin section Go to Orders/Search in the top nav Filter using any available fields and click Search or just click Search to return all orders Click the Order number in the first column to go to the order in […]

Clubs End-User Interface

Sign Up Users will go to the ‘Join The Club’ link on your Spirits360 Shop to sign up. The signup page includes: Club Selector if more than one is available on your site Shipping address input section Billing address input section if it differs from the shipping address Credit Card information input to enable recurring […]

Completing Curbside Pickup Orders

If your site has distillery or curbside pickup option, there is an additional step needed to complete your distillery/curbside pickup orders. Shipped orders have UPS info assigned to them, so the system knows to auto-complete when the end-of-day process is run. This is not the case for pickup orders. To complete picked up orders: Login […]

Creating a B2B Store

NOTE: Because B2B rules vary state-to-state, B2B is not set up by default on Spirits360 websites. Please contact to make sure your site is set up correctly before completing the steps below. Here are the instructions for adding a new B2B/Wholesale store. Log in to EOS Using the top nav, hover over Admin and […]

Creating a Basic Global Promotion With Promo Code

To create a basic GLOBAL (applies to all products) promotion requiring a promo  code, do the following: Log in and go to Product/Catalogs Click the ‘new catalog’ link just above the Catalogs box In the New Catalog box, Name your new catalog. Name is the only box required Create a name that makes sense for […]

Creating A Catalog

To create a catalog, whether for use in a promotion, or for a club, etc…, do the following: Create the Catalog Log in and go to Product/Catalogs Click the ‘new catalog’ link just above the Catalogs box In the New Catalog box, Name your new catalog. Name is the only box required Create a name […]

Creating A Club

Please note – the club function must be enabled on your site. Not enabled, contact us to get started. You will also need to add a ‘Join The Club’ link to your Spirits360 Shop navigation to enable your customers to sign up. If you need help with this step contact us for help. The link […]

Editing a Product

A basic overview of the options available on the Product Update page. Please contact us for more detailed information if you cannot find your answer below. Log into your admin section Go to Products/Search in the top nav Find the product you want to update and click the SKU in the first column to go […]

Editing the Home Page

Add/Edit/Remove Home Page Products FIRST NOTE – In case it did not come up in training. Please run any new products by us before adding them to navigation for a while so we can make sure there are no compliance gotchas. There are several steps to that, so we like to validate to make sure […]